Trimble Copernicus feeding a Pi 3 serial NMEA data and 1PPS for a high precision clock. Still getting a ton of jitter on the UART. Need to hook up a scope to see if this is from the module or a Pi / Linux issue. Am able to get 2us precision which is worse than the uputronics module but it may actually be an artifact of using long cables instead of a proper pcb and short traces (line capacitance). Also of note is that the pulse width of 4200ns was too short. I matches it to the 100ms of the upu.

@mbourg99 @darius @maryb so are your feet still on the ground (and dry) ? :)

@darius @Tasier @maryb @mbourg99 @Rosewedin @cbourg I think I dont know what chataquah is?? Did you guys actually build the plane?

@darius I think you have to reload the web interface after making those changes for them to become active. Or at least that's what it appeared to be the case for me. What are your thoughts @maryb ?

@darius Yeah. So there's just no granularity with posts on locked accounts.

@darius Blah blah blah. Did you go private again?

Is a social network really social if only two people use it? How many people does it require for one to claim to be social? Why am I feeling so much anxiety now that I'm part of a network nobody uses?

I wonder how long it'll take @cbourg to toot one out?

@mbourg99 @darius @maryb because Maria crushed my nuts when she was 3ish, this is the only child I'll ever have.

@mbourg99 Yes, and I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world. You know the rest.

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